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FAVORITO estambre económico, brillantes colores ideal para prendas casuales, niños, escolar, tejido de agujas, gancho y telar.

Categoria: 3 - LIGERO
Colores: 46 colores
Art. 103000 Bolsa con 6 bolas de 50gr
Art. 107100 Bolsa con 5 bolas de 200gr.
Agujas: 4

Favorito 50 y 200 gr

  • FAVORITO is a very soft 100% acrylic yarn. Its low price and texture make it an ideal choice for beginners and/or for knitting large pieces like blankets and cushions.

    Category: 2 - FINE
    Colors: 46 colors
    Art. 103000 Pack with 6 balls of 50gr
    Art. 107100 Pack with 5 balls of 200gr.

    Needles: 7 (US)

    Hook: G/6 (US)


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