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Who we are

Hilos Omega, Mexican Identity Symbol

Threads that link traditions

We are an enterprise founded in 1948 in Mexico and we manufacture all kinds of threads of the highest quality. In Omega you can purchase the beast threads and yarns in a large variety of colors and textures. Hilos Omega has worked for almost 70 years to offer a vast spectrum of threads for the arts and crafts market as well as the industrial sector (factories of footwear, furniture, mattresses, sewing and clothing). It was started by José Sampietro and his wife Emiliana, who first called their business Hilos El Jilguero (Goldfinch Threads). As a result of their dedication and hard work, they achieved an important growth of the company, which is now led by their children. Mr. and Mrs. Sampietro were the first to introduce the nylon thread for making clothes, footwear and tapestry in Mexico, even if they started manufacturing cotton sewing thread, crochet and cotton yarns. With the time they extended their sample-book to more than 250 articles.  

Omega boosted the Art of Good Knitting and, 40 years ago, introduced the nylon fiber for knitting – which revolutionized crocheting forever. This lead to the manufactory of thicker yarns thought for the making of hammocks, macramé and other artisanal work (giving bitrth to La Espiga line).  In the year 2000, Omega merged with Estambres Tamm, an enterprise founded in 1930, famous for its acrylic and wool knitting yarns. In 2001, it merged with La Reforma, a manufacturer of all kinds of cotton threads. Nowadays the company employs more than 800 people and is the number one threads and yarns producer in Mexico, known worldwide as a symbol of quality.

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